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Groups are structured and provide a safe, friendly, non-judgmental, supportive environment. The meetings are interactive, inspiring, educative, and fun. The groups offer a social network of people who understand what you are going through and will support you through your healing process.

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Our individual sessions, available in-person or remotely, offer support for those facing depression, anxiety, addiction, and more. Led by Dr. Rayes, who draws from personal experience, our services include counseling, coaching, couples counseling, and parent coaching. Begin your journey towards clarity, resilience, and empowerment today.



The Mental Wellness Centre provides holistic programs led by Dr. Rayes, offering webinars and workshops for healing, personal development, and career advancement. These sessions focus on understanding triggers for depression and anxiety, stress management, and financial mastery. Participants gain clarity on goals, build resilience, and foster meaningful relationships, empowered to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and purpose.

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“Hamdy El-Rayes, MBA, Ph.D., is an established mental wellness coach and author of “Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey” which forms the foundation of his Mental Wellness Coaching Program. Dr. El-Rayes is passionate about the importance of integrating spirituality with conventional therapy to enhance recovery, prevent relapses, and ultimately assist with healing on many levels. At the Centre, integrating spirituality with current therapies and medication has facilitated speedy recovery and achieved many impressive outcomes.”

– Dr. Hamdy EI Rayes

An introduction to the Mental Wellness Program. You can fully heal from depression and anxiety and prevent relapses. The Mental Wellness Program is described in detail in Dr. Hamdy EI-Rayes’ book, Mental Wellness: A  Spiritual Journey.


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