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Women’s Group

Using Collective thinking to succeed, grow, and thrive

Why would you join the Women’s group?

Today we are facing many unique challenges that we were not prepared to face with our limited knowledge. Delving into the group’s collective knowledge enables us to complement what we know and reach satisfying results.

Using Collective thinking to succeed, grow, and thrive

You might have countless people in your lives to spend time with, but you are looking for that support group to talk about things that are happening in your life.

The Women’s group aims to help you grow and thrive by getting and offering help to the group members regardless of which stage in your life you are at. The group meets biweekly to share what is happening in their lives and receive guidance on how to best navigate their situations. It is your best and most effective way to better your life and create a long-lasting friendship with the group members.


What to expect?

You can expect the group to be about getting together to chat about life.

The group is confidential and a safe place to discuss any situation you may be facing. Meetings are held in small groups of 5-10 people.

The group is facilitated by Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes who has extensive experience in facilitating group meetings. You will feel welcomed and appreciated to receive and share your personal experience.

In every meeting, you will update the group on what is happening in your life and get support from the group members and the facilitator by offering feedback and perspective on whatever issues or opportunities you may have. 

You will be able to talk about things that you are not fully comfortable discussing with others in your life. You will avoid burdening your partner, family, or best friend with your problems or save yourself the embarrassment of sharing them in your social circle.  

During the group meetings, you are not obligated to speak, but the group will support you and make you feel welcomed when you do communicate. 

You will be able to see the issues as they are with openness because the first step to solving a problem is to see it as it is.

A member in your support group might share a certain situation that they went through and what they learned from it. As a result, the group will help you grow, get you motivated, and help you connect with people on another level.

You will grow by sharing and actively listening to others’ unique situations. You will gain different perspectives and knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your life.

You will meet members who vary in age, orientation, profession, cultural background, and stage of life. A more diverse group of members will help you see different perspectives and approaches to addressing your issues.

Your time will be well spent discussing issues that we all face at some point in our lives.

The group will discuss any issue that concerns you, including, but not limited to, personal conflicts, family conflicts or divorces, business or career issues, conflicts with business partners, health issues, communication issues, etc.  

Every meeting will be different depending on what the members bring up.

You will also learn how to manage stress and handle diverse and conflicting issues.


Examples of issues the group addresses

Relationship difficulties

An important part of being human is having social relationships whether it is with a partner, family, friends, neighbors, peers, or the community at large. The support group will be an incredible place to talk through to find your own decision to see all aspects of the issue and make optimal solutions.

Career & Life Purpose

It might seem that everyone has everything together with their careers and life purpose besides yourself. Maybe you’re not settled in your job and do not have the motivation to take action. The group can help you find your path to your life purpose and to a dream job.

Addressing Family Issues

Most of us struggle with family relationships. We have a deep desire to get along with our families, and conflicts may drain our energy and our ability to cope. The group can help you get down to the roots of the problems and may be able to help you resolve them.

Becoming more Successful

You will learn from the members’ experiences, get feedback on your issues, and see your blind spots and how to address them. Learning from other members how they overcame their issues will give you the ability to jump over the hurdles, resolve your issues, and get where you want to be.

Saving Money

Learning from others’ experiences saves you the trouble of falling into the same mistakes they made and finding the easiest way to resolve your issues. The advice will save you from hiring a professional for an exorbitant fee.

Know Yourself Better

This group will allow you to know yourself better. This step lets you change your perspective about yourself and the world to become your best. You will feel better about yourself and the world. 

Real Friendships 

The group will be the place for you to befriend others who are going down the same path as you. It is too boring to hang out with the same people you did in the past years, go to the same places, and talk about the same things. Going to the group helps you make friendships with guys who are on the same path as you. 

Emotional Intelligence

In the group, you will be able to challenge yourself to be more in control of your life, understanding your emotions, and managing them. When we often get upset about something, the emotion you are feeling might not be coming from the actual situation. So it’s important to understand your emotions and learn how to better manage them.


We need help to take action on an ongoing basis to achieve our goals by being held accountable along the way.


Loneliness is a major problem for most of us because it makes facing common challenges a lot more difficult. You have no one to bounce things off of. The isolation creates pressure because you have to figure it out all on your own. Instead of looking at a problem that you’re facing by yourself, you’ll have a team of cheerleaders who support you along your journey. 


Other Benefits of a Women’s Group?

There are countless benefits to joining the Women’s group. Benefits can vary from one person to another. Here are some of the most common benefits reported by members:

Becoming a better dad, husband, friend, etc. 

Better communications around a wide range of issues


Getting things off of your chest and resolving them

Find direction with things like relationships, career, and life purpose

More cost-effective than going to a therapist/business coach

Feel happier

See more success in your life

Establishing real friendships that provide support outside of the meetings

Get advice from others who have already been through a similar situation, saving you time and energy

The group is about self-improvement

You can join the group at any stage of your life.

Life often goes through ups and downs. But it does not mean your life has to be in shambles to join the group because you have a role to play. You can still share your experiences with other members, make connections on a different level, or have support already there for you if things do go a little sideways. 

We’ve all had some tough times in our lives, whether we realize it or not. The group you will be chatting with wants to hear about it and help you through it, and you can reciprocate by listening attentively to them. We highly encourage you to just join. There is no risk or downside. Only positives will come from joining our groups.

Meetings are held once every two weeks for two hours

Fees:    $40 per month

You commit to attend for two months.

Register and add our email address to your white list.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call us at 604-630-6865