A Message From Dr. Rayes

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This book presents a program to help you build a foundation for your healing.

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Self-Development, Career Development, Effective communication, and mastering finance

H.R. Mental Wellness Centre offers a program for self-development to help you become the best you, develop your career, and master your finance. The program would be in person or on the internet.

The program outcomes include:

  • Making your life more meaningful and purposeful
  • Having more clarity about what you want in your personal and career, and charting your right path in life
  • Building financial security
  • Learning leadership skills to make life flow smoothly
  • Improving your relationships, expand your social circle, network with like-minded people, and those who energize you rather than those drain your energy
  • Improving your communication skills with your partner, socially and professionally and
  • Becoming happier and more successful

This program helps you to:

  • Discover who you are
  • Prepare yourself physically and mentally, and spiritually to achieve your life purpose
  • Uncover your passion and life purpose
  • Master your finances
  • Manage life and career stresses
  • Excel in your job or business
  • Find the right partner
  • Grow your social and professional influence
  • Network to make a difference socially and professionally
  • Establish amazing relationships with a partner, close friends, family, and the community
  • Learn and apply leadership principles for social change
  • Adopt principles and attitudes for success and significance
  • Learn new skills that guide you along the way to success and happiness

The program is interactive and inspiring. You will benefit from the extensive experience of Dr. Rayes as a mental wellness coach, entrepreneur, professional consultant, and university educator.