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This book presents a program to help you build a foundation for your healing.

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Healing From Depression & Anxiety

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H. R. Mental Wellness Centre currently offers a seminar on how to heal Naturally from depression and anxiety and a workshop to apply what you learn in this seminar.


Depression/anxiety is caused by several factors such as, environmental factors, genetic factors, medical problems, stressful life events, etc. However, the conditioning we undergo since birth, the bad habits we develop, and the skills we lack play important role in triggering depression/anxiety.
Conditioning alienates us from our authentic self, makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin, and affects our ability to reach our potential. As Dr. El-Rayes describes it his book, Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey: “Our personalities are influenced by heredity, environment, experience, culture, and the conditioning we undergo at home, school, and work, as well as by our social environment. Through these influences, we often develop a personality that may not be in harmony with our original natures or authentic selves.”
You can fully heal from depression/anxiety by returning to your authentic self where you become comfortable with who you are, what you do, and where you are going with your life.
Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health are interwoven. You need to restore them simultaneously to heal from depression/anxiety and become the person you were meant to be. You will feel liberated, and be able to have a happier and more fulfilling life.
In this seminar, you will learn how to:
• Discover the wonderful person you are—your innate qualities you have not tapped into, your character strengths and shortcomings.
• Identify the underlying causes of your depression/anxiety and reverse conditioning that triggers depression/anxiety.
• Identify your inherent signature character strengths and learn how to use them to help you address your issues.
• Use your signature strengths to overcome your weaknesses and to improve your life, career, and relationships.
• Use your character strengths to become more skilled in addressing your current issues and shortcomings.
• Discover your authentic self and honor it in what you think, feel, and do in order to change your life and turn your weaknesses into strengths.
• Improve your physical health (diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, and social life)
• Enhance your spiritual skills such as (forgiveness, gratitude, charity giving) regardless of your religious belief or your lack of.

If you would like to attend this seminar, please call H.R. Mental Wellness Centre at 604-630-6865.

This workshop is designed to facilitate your healing from depression, anxiety, and addiction. The program is offered in nine sessions. This program is interactive and experiential. You will be actively participating in it. After each training session, you will be assigned some homework to enhance your personal experience and deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Session 1. Mental wellness and how to achieve it
In this session, you will learn the difference between mental wellness and mental health, the pursuit of mental wellness to heal and prevent illnesses, and an overview of the process to achieve mental wellness.

Session 2. Stress management
This session will discuss the relationship between stress and your well-being, the effect of chronic stress, how to define your stress levels and their cumulative impacts, and identify the symptoms of stress. You will then be introduced in a practical way to relaxation strategies including deep breathing and mindfulness and mindful-meditation.

Session 3. Spirituality for the religious, the non-religious, and the atheist
This session will discuss spirituality and the relationship between spirituality and mental illness. You will learn the difference between religions and spirituality and lead to a definition of spirituality. The relation between spirituality and medicine, mental health will be addressed. You will be able to recognize the practical benefits of spirituality to your well-being.

Session 4. Discover the wonderful person you are
This session will discuss self-awareness and self-discovery, the need to acknowledge and honor your uniqueness and changes it happens within that lead to changing your perception of yourself and your worldview.

Session 5. Self-transformation – Recovering your authentic self
This session will discuss the changes you will go through your journey of health and the challenges you will face. You will also discuss the stages of spiritual growth and recovering your authentic self, your spiritual journey and its benefits, developing your character and the role of coaching through this process.

Session 6. Spiritual practice – essential qualities for lasting happiness
In this session we will discuss aspects of spiritual practices, spiritual skills, and developing these skills in order to get rid of depression and live a happy peaceful life. The discussion of these qualities is based on scientific evidence that shows how you can have a much happier and more successful life with practicing these qualities. You will also go through the process of application and reporting the outcome and their impact on your life.

Session 7. Life meaning and purpose
Your understanding of the previous six sessions will culminate with understanding what is meant with several concepts including life meaning, and life purpose. How our cultural beliefs affect us as individuals and as a society and the relationship between consumerism and mental illness.
We will define our life purpose and the impact of social conditioning on your lives. Then, we will discuss how to find and fulfill our life purpose.

Session 8. Applying your spiritual skills
After experiencing the various skills we developed. We delve into applications of these skills in a manner that change our way of thinking and our worldview. We will learn techniques to get rid of anxiety and worry and to reframe our painful life-events that hinder our progress into opportunities that enhance our personal and spiritual growth. We will learn to live mindfully, enhance our financial security, identify and secure a job that becomes a source of our happiness.

Session 9. Spirituality and self-actualization
This session will discuss how to transcend beyond seeking material wealth to reach a higher level that has been reached by only 2% of the population. You will learn to move up the ladder and join the league of Mother Theresa and Einstein—become self-actualized. We will discuss Abraham Maslow‘s theory of human motivation and how to find your path to self-actualization and what it takes you to get there.

By completing this course, you will get to:

  • Know yourself better to identify what holds you back
  • Identify your uniqueness, respect and honor it
  • Be able to fully exploit your talents and capacities to fulfill your potential
  • Be nurtured and encouraged on your path to find your purpose and meaning and fuel the passion to achieve them
  • Learn and practice effective stress-management and relaxation techniques that play a strong role in your personal growth including deep breathing, meditation, mindful-living, exercise, listening to, or playing music, and proper diet
  • Understand a different approach to spirituality in a clear, meaningful way that will help you reach your human potential and become the best and happiest you
  • Realize the effect of spirituality on your physical and mental health, and the way it contributes to your happiness and life satisfaction
  • Discover the wonderful person you are, deepened awareness of your true identity and a desire to return to your authentic self
  • Identify and honor your values in your thoughts, words, and actions, forming a solid foundation that will direct you to lasting happiness and a fulfilling life
  • Identify your unique personal talents, gifts, and experience, which will guide you on your own path
  • Tap into your intuitive wisdom
  • Be able to accept yourself and respect the uniqueness of others
  • Have peace of mind and improves your physical and mental health, self-esteem, and self-worth
  • Get rid of qualities that hinder your growth, refine your character and prepare yourself to lead a more purposeful life
  • Recover your authentic self, identify your blind spots, be accountable to your identified goals, and make your journey more enjoyable and your goals easier and faster to achieve
  • Be inspired to build a better life for yourself and for those around you
  • Develop your spiritual skills, such as acceptance, surrender, kindness, love, service, gratitude, forgiveness, and humility to bring peace and harmony into your life, enhancing your ability to cope with life’s difficulties, and helping you to reach your fullest potential
  • Change your perception of the world and find joy in living simply, as well as in giving your time and money to charitable causes
  • Become more secure and at peace with yourself and the world, despite any difficulties you may face;Discover your life purpose and live authentically, sharing who you are and what you have
  • Understand the effect of our collective beliefs and the impact of consumerism on the health of the society
  • Be able to apply you spiritual skills in daily life, outlining a systematic method by which you can manage your issues and address life’s difficulties, identifying what you can change and what you have to accept
  • Examine your life events that have been causing you pain since childhood and turn them into opportunities
  • Live in the present and avoid worrying about the future or ruminating about the past
  • Meet people with whom you have a lot in common
  • Get support you need on your new life path
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