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This book presents a program to help you build a foundation for your healing.

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Coaching for Parents

This coaching program is developed to help you enhance your parenting skills to identify and nurture your children’s talents, explore your challenges of parenting, deconstruct the parenting (or lack of) you experienced as a child and growing adult to understand what to preserve and what to discard, strengthen family ties, and learn new skills to address your concerns about their future. You may seek coaching when you are not getting along with your children, your kids are ‘out of control’, or there is immense sibling rivalry. You may also seek parent coaching when your capacity to handle life’s stress is diminished due to difficult transitions such as divorce, the loss of a job, the return to the workplace, a death in the family, or the creation of a blended family.

You will learn how to improve your communication with them: listen, understand, and act to support their growth as healthy individuals in the society. You will be able to help them develop healthy life styles and relationships, as well as support their choice of a life path that is best suited for them. You will learn how to encourage and support their growth to achieve their own dreams. In this process, you will be able to increase your joy and satisfaction and reap the reward of your hard work of raising your wonderful children. As a result, they
will become the best they can be and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

For more information, please call Dr. Rayes in confidence at 604-630-6865. The first telephone call is free of charge.