A Message From Dr. Rayes

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This book presents a program to help you build a foundation for your healing.

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hamdy0610smallHamdy El-Rayes, MBA, Ph.D., is an established mental wellness coach and author of “Mental Wellness: A Spiritual Journey” which forms the foundation of his Mental Wellness Coaching Program. Dr. El-Rayes is passionate about the importance of integrating spirituality with conventional therapy to enhance recovery, prevent relapses, and ultimately assist with healing on many levels. At the Centre, integrating spirituality with current therapies and medication has facilitated speedy recovery and achieved many impressive outcomes.

Dr. Rayes brings his experience from a long career managing, educating, and helping others into his role as a coach and group facilitator.  He has training as a life and executive coach and group facilitator, attended training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Dr. David Burns, and studied the works of Abraham Maslow and Victor Frankl and their application in therapy of depression and anxiety sufferers.

He studied the Addicted Brain with Professor Michael Kuhar of Emory University to improve his understanding of addiction and how to help his clients to overcome addiction.

He believes that Positive Psychology plays an important role in healing from mental illness. He studied positive psychology with Professor Barbara L. Fredrickson of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Professor Martin E.P. Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. He continued with his study of Positive Psychology Applications and Interventions with Dr. James Pawelski, Director of Education & Senior Scholar at University of Pennsylvania; Positive Psychology Character, Grit, and Research Methods with Dr. Claire Robertson-Kraft and Professor Angel Duckworth; and Resilience skills with Dr. Karen Reivich.

He has enhanced his healing abilities with in-depth study and application of spiritual and philosophical teachings in his own life and his teaching in support groups and coaching.

This experience and training, combined with a strong belief in the power of compassion, has helped him develop a unique and effective coaching style that helps people find strength and solutions in all areas of their lives, resulting in greater physical, mental, and spiritual health.

After suffering from depression and finding his own way to healing, he was inspired to establish the H.R. Mental Wellness Centre in January 2006 to share what he had learned and help others through the process of healing. The Centre complements services offered by medical professionals.
Throughout his career, he has been motivated by the desire to help others and to improve the world around him.  As the founder and director of the H.R. Mental Wellness Centre, he has become a passionate advocate of mental wellness.

He has a Master’s Degree of Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering.
Dr. El-Rayes enjoyed his successful career in the environmental field and contributed with his knowledge in that field by teaching at universities in both the USA and Canada. Some of his unique life experience includes:

  • manager of a manufacturing company;
  • President of El-Rayes Environmental Corp. (Epic Management Inc.) which developed environmental protection programs for business and local, provincial/state, and federal governments;
  • Director of the Pollution Prevention Institute at Kansas State University;
  • Manager of Business and Community Services at Metro Vancouver;
  • Volunteering with Big Brothers Canada and Amnesty international; and
  • Candidate for the B.C. Green Party (2005) to influence the agenda of the provincial political parties of both the NDP & Liberal parties and to raise public awareness about environmental, social, and economic issues in B.C.

After reaching his goals in the environmental field, Dr. El-Rayes turned his interests to helping those who suffer from depression and anxiety through their difficult personal journey to healing. He believes that by being compassionate to those who are suffering from life difficulties, mental illness or addiction, we show our humanity at its best.

Currently, he is Chair of the El-Rayes Foundation and Director of the H.R. Mental Wellness Centre. He works with those who suffer from depression and anxiety to help them heal and become the best they can be. He also works with successful professionals who aspire to reach their potential, and become self-actualized, whether they are at the beginning of their career or at its pinnacle. He helps them with having a more satisfying life and becoming the best they can be. He has helped many individuals to achieve mental wellnessand reach the height of well-being in pursuit of self-actualization. He offers his services through self-help support groups, individual and group coaching, seminars, workshops, his writings, and public speaking.