A Message From Dr. Rayes

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This book presents a program to help you build a foundation for your healing.

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Individual Coaching Testimonials

  • “I have been to several therapists in dealing with my depression/anxiety. However, I have never had much success with traditional therapy. I felt I needed guidance because my life has become complicated and confusing.”    – Linda C.
  • “The cost of coaching is very reasonable and made these services very accessible. It encouraged me experience it.”    – Ilene T
  • “The coaching sessions keep me motivated. I get constructive criticism, strategies and ideas to help me move forward in my life and cope with my difficulties. Without your coaching, I would have never been able to recover so fast. It really helps to have someone to motivate me because it is easy to fall back into “comfortable” old habits.”    – Jim E.
  • “I always get a better overall picture of my situation and a better perspective. I get strategies to improve my life that I may have never thought of.”    – Dave O.
  • “I was referred to you by a resource at the Employee and Family Assistance Program. I wish I learnt about your services long time ago.”    – John P.
  • “I learned about your services from a search on the internet. I find you very knowledgeable, caring, helpful, and trustworthy.”    – Don S.
  • “Your cost is very affordable and very rewarding compared to the service I get.”    – Edward M.
  • “Your experience is so amazing and I am surprised that you charge so little for the great service you offer.”    – Joanna B.
  • “I appreciated the way you run the coaching session. It is so effective and always gives me much more than I expect.”    – Chris Y.
  • “I liked your coaching because, from the first session, I knew that I will be able to heal from depression and anxiety. Along the way, I knew that my depression and anxiety will be gone.”    – Eric L.
  • “The low cost of coaching was not what motivated me to use your services. Your coaching enabled me to do what I really wanted to do.”    – Heather C.
  • “Your coaching helped me to learn new strategies to resolve my issues.”    – James G.
  • “I read about the possibility of healing from depression and anxiety but I did not know how. Your coaching helped me to find a way.”    – Joe N.