Resilience Coaching Program

 for Individuals and corporations

Resilience is a critical skill to succeed in the 21st century. Resilience coaching is a way for businesses to thrive because it plays a vital role in fostering this essential trait within their teams.

H.R. Mental Wellness Centre offers personal and team-coaching programs designed to raise individual and team performance, strengthen team relationships, and help them reach their potential. The program offers hands-on experience to ensure that employees have skills to thrive in the face of adversity, maintain an optimistic attitude, and sustain their health and wellbeing to achieve business objectives.

The Mental Wellness Program integrates body, mind, and spirit and includes:

  • Stress management strategies to help employees work effectively under pressure;
  • Mindfulness to improve productivity and life satisfaction;
  • Personal development by increasing self-knowledge and self-awareness to enable the team members to understand their impact on others and begin to build strategies for change. Employees identify their unique talents and innate qualities to help them reach peak performance.
  • Positive psychology to broaden a personal mindset and become more resourceful and more connected.
  • How to maintain emotional stability; improve creativity and problem-solving skill; achieve authentic happiness and life satisfaction; improve productivity; create a healthy work environment; improve mental health, wellbeing, and creativity; promote collaboration and harmony; combat negativity by committing to savor positive experiences, and thrive under difficult circumstances.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Dr. Rayes by Email or by phone at 604-630-6865.