Make healing from depression and anxiety your first priority

Healing from depression and/or anxiety is a very serious matter. It is important to make it your first priority for many reasons:

  1. The longer you suffer from depression/anxiety, the more difficult and the longer it will take you to heal. In addition, you lose time you could have enjoyed.
  2. If you heal a day earlier, it is a day you gained and can fully enjoy.
  3. Your healing will contribute to improving the quality of life of those who you interact with at home, work, and in your daily life.
  4. Your healing will improve your life quality significantly as you will be able to:
    • Enjoy life much more broadly and deeply
    • Enhance your success in everything: your career, relationships, and well-being
    • Live longer and healthier. A healthier brain makes your body healthier
    • Restore your brain health faster and protect it from deterioration in older age – studies show that being depressed for a long time changes the structure of the brain and may affect it in older age
    • Reach your human – be able to use more of your skills, talents, and gifts to benefit yourself and the world around you
    • Achieve your goals much faster and easier
    • Enjoy the beauty of the world around you. That is worth all the money in the world.

Some people may put their healing as a second priority because they are too busy, have something they have to do, etc. They usually don’t pay attention until their body stops them in their tracks and they fall into deep depression. As you may know, the next depression bout will be much deeper, and last longer.

The time and the money you spend on healing is your best investment. Every skill you learn to help you grow and every bad habit you get rid of will help you along your life journey. I encourage you to try individual coaching and/or the support group. In the long run, the more you attend, the better off you will be.

So, make healing your First Priority. You will be happy that you did.