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This book presents a program to help you build a foundation for your healing.

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H.R. Mental Wellness Centre welcome volunteers to help deliver its services. with their passion to serve, they make our services more effective.
To volunteer, please contact us and let us know which of these positions interest you and send us a copy of your skills and qualifications.
Here are several available volunteer positions:

Please let us know which of the following tasks you can help us with and how much time you can donate per week:

  1. Publicity & marketing
    The bottleneck for our services is reaching out to patients to make them aware of our services.
    We can market the services to the public through social media (Facebook, twitter, and other websites

    • Workplaces
    • Schools & universities
    • Friends & family
    • Physicians (clinics, hospitals…etc)
    • Public places (community centers, clubs, yoga centers, etc.)
  2. Fundraising
    You will help raise funds to have a separate office for the Centre and to hire two people to offer administrative services and facilitate the group.
  3. Newsletter
    We need to publish a newsletter to our subscribers to educate them and keep them informed about the progress in mental health research and practices. The newsletter will be published quarterly.
  4. Educational Videos
    I will prepare the topics and the content. You can participate in the video in presenting it, or be part of an interview, shooting, or editing. The videos will educate the public about healing and what they can do to take care of themselves and better their lives (nutrition, exercise, self-development, etc.).
  5. Brainstorming
    Meet once a month to review our progress and discuss new ideas and plans.
  6. Administrative work
    • Maintain contacts with our members
    • Reach out to callers and answer questions regarding the Centre.

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